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This article describes the various programs run by GUFC for different age groups within the club. Please see specific registration information for the year for game timings.

GUFC aims to create a playing environment which is enjoyable for all players in a safe and respectful environment. This is achieved by not only by a dedicated Committee, but supported by a number of policies and resources including:

The FFA Code of Conduct

The FFA Spectators Code of Conduct

The Capital Football Rules and Regulations

The FFA Member Protection Policy

Play by the Rules Resources


For game rules for U12 and below age groups, please see Small Sides Game references located here: Click to download information

Under 5, 6 & 7

The under 5 & 6 teams play in a round robin series of games within the club. Teams are allocated based on freidnship and school groups. Like the Pee Wee program, Roo Ball is also non-competitive football (soccer). The current criteria used to place children in a team are previous year teams or school attending where possible. Female specific teams may be fielded but there is no female specific division.

Under 8 – 9
The under 8 & under 9 teams play in a local round robin series of games with other Northside clubs. On average half the games are played at our home ground and half are played away.  Female specific teams are fielded in these competitions if there is sufficient demand which is usually the case. The female competition may be combined accross both age groups.

Under 10 to 18

Play in a non-competitive or competitive round robin series of games with clubs across the ACT, depending on the group into which they are placed. On average half the games are played at our home grounds and half are played away. Female specific teams are fielded in all age groups from U10 up.

  • U10-U11 are non competitive and do not have competition ladders.
  • U12-U18 are competitive and competition ladders are maintained by Captial Football.
  • Selected U12, U14 and U16 teams play in the Mens Premier League competition.

The Under 10 age group is the first age at which teams are formed and divided into groupings based on skill level. It is therefore important to grade players and place the teams in a group that best suits their skill level.

Under 18 Womens

Women turning 18 in a particular season are classified as a part of the womens competition and have their own competition.

Senior Womens

Women over 18

Senior Mens

Men over 18

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