Ground Closures and Wet Weather

Status of grounds


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Our pitches are inspected on game day by an Executive Member of the club and the Senior Referee. Once an agreement between them has been made, we decide to play or cancel. GUFC will post an update to Facebook and to the GROUND CLOSURES AND WET WEATHER page as soon as we can.

GAMES from the U5 to U7 and U8/U9 (GUFC HOME Games) – The responsibility to cancel these games will be made by the CLUB EXECUTIVE/DUTY COMMITTEE OFFICER based on inspection of grounds at Harrison/Palmerston on the morning of matchday. The decision is predominately based on safety reason or a reasonable assumption that play will render the grounds unplayable for many weeks.

U10 Games and Above. All these games have an allocated referee and only the referee can abandon your game. We appreciate this means a coach potentially arriving with less players. If this happens then the match will be abandoned due to lack of players, not because of the pitch conditions.

GUFC will try its best to find out what is occuring at Away matches and post on facebook etc, but notification is out of our full control.