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For a number of years GUFC families have conducted homestay billeting for Korean teams dating back to PoCheolDong Primary (linked to K-League team Pohang Steelers) in 2011, and more recently the u12 Seoul FC team comprising elite youth representative players from 7 Seoul city primary schools.

In 2017 , GUFC will further expand the program to also include an U14 Girl’s team from YeSeong junior high school.

It takes special people to open their homes and hearts to these young Korean children and give them an environment conducive to care, understanding and safety, all while they continue to enjoy the football tournament. The children are treated like any other member of the family with Billet families providing room and lunch most days, while help is also provided by the local Korean community with special events.

For 2017 GUFC would ask once more for members and families to host the boys and girls during the Kanga Cup period of Saturday 1 July to Saturday 8 July. We are looking for approximately 15 families to support accommodations for the two teams. Ideally, families will be able to take 2 children in order for the players to feel more comfortable rooming with a teammate. If you’re only able to support part of the week then that is ok also. Hopefully, with enough interested families on board, we will be able to move players if needed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the week and what’s involved. It really is a wonderful experience and I hope you’re able to help us continue to provide this opportunity for these young children.

Kanga Billets EOI 2017


Brad Doohan

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